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Mini-Micropreemie baby Strollers 
and baskets
Small fits 7,8,9 weeks gestation $5.00
Medium basinet 
10,11,12, weeks gestation $7.00
Large white stroller no longer available.
Metal Thimble
Plastic Juice Cup $3.00

Ceramic Mug $5.00
White Crochet Bootie

White Cloth baby shoe

Plastic Bootie $2.00
Basi-Nest an exclusive item. This item can be made custom fit any size doll we make. It is a custom order. This item has a velro attaced vinyl lid that can be lowered for dust protection of the doll or raised for clear display and viewing. This item is specially designed by the artist as our premium display for these dolls.
Huggy Nest without lid
This item is made to simulate the 
huggy nests that real preemies are 
snuggled in at the NICU. The nests
help preemies feel safe and warm 
and are used in NICU's across the 
states. We can make this item for all the dolls we make.
Small fits 8-16 weeks gestation $20.00
Medium 16-30 weeks gestation $30.00
Large fits all others $40.00

Huggy ring

Designed for the larger dolls above 26 weeks but can be made for any preemie size doll.
Small fits 23-25 weeks $15.00 
Medium fits dolls 26 -30 weeks $20.00
Large fits all others $25.00
Plastic simulated amnion ball

Comes with lift lid that can be
opened for esy viewing and display 
or closed for dust protection.
Fits dolls 18-24 weeks gestation only.
Simulated Incubator

Has lift lid for easy access 
to the doll. Makes an authentic 
display and dust cover.
Fits dolls 18-36 weeks gestation.
$25.00 add additional $5.00 for shipping this item.
This item can be made for dolls
8-25 weeks gestation.
Sorry but the lid does not stand up on larger than 25 weeks gestation. We can make the lids for larger size dolls. They just do not stand on their own. 
Small fits 8-15 weeks gestation $30.00
Medium fits 16-24 weeks gestation 
Large all others $50.00
Simulated isolette comes with lift lid for use as a dust cover. This item comes in several sizes and can be for dolls 18-36 weeks gestation. Small $5.00, fits dolls 16-23 weeks gstation. Medium $10.00 fits 24-30 weeks gestation Large fits all others $20.00

Teddy Bears
These items vary in size and may vary in availablity.
Small $5.00
Medium $10.00
Holy Bears, are the size of Beanie Baby Bears and sell for  $10.00 available in pink or blue, 
Large $15.00 
Extra Large Teddies $25.00
Variety of bears available. Subject to avaiability.

 machine knit blankets
Available for all doll sizes. 
Available in white, white with blue or pink trim, 
All Pink or All blue
This item is custom ordered.
small -$10.00 
medium $15.00
large $25.00  
White Eyelet Fabric
Bouncy chair for display of dolls.
Dolls 18-30 weeks will fit this item.
Flower ring 
Can be made to fit any size doll. Mostly Pink blue and white, violet flowers to surround your doll with the beauty of flowers, 
helping you create a beautifull memory display.
Small $10.00
Medium $15.00
Large $20.00
Plush Christmas stocking. 
Red and white traditinal
Pink and white
Blue and white
This item is avaiable seasonally.
and is available in different sizes in red and white only.
Pink and blue stockings fit babies 18-26 weeks only.
$2.00 each

Holy Bears
Tye Dye
comes with scripture hang tag.
@8" tall.

Small one incn clay hand sculpted teddies by the artist coming soon, for the littlest ones to hold. 
20 weeks gestation baby holding a small white teddy 
Bottle $1.00 each tiny,$1.00each small, $1.00 each medium, $5.00each preemie, $2.00each half, $2.00each full size 

Pacifier -  $.50each tiny(assorted colors), $3.00 each preemie, $3.00each full size available in pink, white or blue

Tiny white wicker like basinet for the littlest ones! 6,7,8,9 weeks gesstation.
$3.00 each.
Hand Crochetted Preemie blankets Small Medium and Large and Extra large. Small for babies 12-18 weeks gestation  $10.00, Medium for babies 20-25 weeks gestation $20.00
Large for Preemie babies 26-36 weeks gestation$30.00 
 Extra Large for babies 37,38,39,40 weeks gestation / full term newb borns. $40.00
Also available as machine knit in same sizes.  
Hand crochetted sweater hat and booties for preemie babies 23-36 weeks and beyond. These are hand crochetted by a woman in our church. Made to fit real preemie babies also.
Sweater hat an bootie set 
small fits 23,24,25 weeks gestation
$25.00 White, Pink or Blue
Sweater hat and bootie set fits 
26,27,28,29,30 weeks gestation
$35.00 White Pink or Blue

Large sweater hat and bootie and fits 31,32,33,34,35,36 weeks gestation  $45.00 White, Pink, Blue
 Extra large fits up to newborn. 37,38,39,40 weeks/ fullterm newborn. $50.00
Heart Hugs

$3.00 each 
these hand 
sculpted animals 
hold our littlest 
ones. Write choice 
on order form.
Teenie Heart Quilts
Color and fabric choices 
are available on the 
Teenie Quilt Page
16"by 16" $20.00 each.
doll sold seperatly. 
larger sizes available 
upon request. 
Made by teens for teenie 
Sorry we can't sew
smaller ones yet.
Teenie Heart Pillows
6.5"tall by 8" wide
red, white or blue
 crushed velveteen type material. $7.00 each. doll sold seperately. 
Other sizes available on request. Made by teen for teenie babies.