The artist is willing to consider sculpting your
living Miracle baby.

She will need front and profile photos of your baby. You can email these to the artist. 
Or send her a photo CD of your child 
or send her the url to your child's online web site. Artist requires rights to use these photos for publicity of sales of future dolls. 

All babies measurements at birth will be required. 

Photo copies of your child's footprints and hand prints if available are also required.

Photos must be of the age you are requesting. Older photos are helpful but artist will only sculpt birth poses and features of the miracle baby at birth The more angles the better the sculpt will be. 

This process may take up to one year for the artist to complete.

The artist accepts a limited number of portrait dolls each year.

 The artist retains all copywrites to the image she sculpts, and will use the molds she make from your doll to make and sell other dolls in the same image for profit.

Customer will recieve the very first well cast resin doll from the molds signed by the artist as the number one edition.

The doll will be named with your child's first name.

Artist also requires the right to use a short snyopsis of your child's miracle birth to tell the world how much of a miracle your baby.No last names or addresses will be used in this synopsis.

The artist will use the profits from the sales of subsequent dolls in you child's image to underwrite the cost of making dolls for greiving parents of miscarriage. See on our sister site for more and to fund donations to and local crisis pregnancy centers, where the aritst volunteers as a trained counselor in her free time.


Url of your child's web site.

Phone number:

Gestational age of your baby at birth. 

Your Shipping address: 

Would you like to show and tell the world about your miracle baby and how God helped you get through the birth?

Choose one:
The aritist goal is to sculpt all 40 weeks of gestation.
Short synopsis of your child's Miracle birth.
This is an inquirey form for possible sculpting of a portrait doll, not the contract that you must sign and snail mail to the artist.
The artist is a fulltime elementary art teacher and does most of the sculpting in her summers off. 
She has 4 young children and her time is valuable like yours.
Price for sculpting and creating a resin doll in your child's image will be $150.00 a pound according to the weight of your child at birth.
This will include the artist making;
 One original sculpt in polymer clay, which will not be the doll you recieve.
( During the mold making process the original is always broken.) The artist will photograph the original and send them to you for pre approval by email.

1 hand cast resin head, 
2 resin hands 
and 2 resin feet, 
and one poly filled and doll beans filled cloth body, 
Dressed by the artist in clothes designed by the artist according to the parent request.
We will do the best we can at meeting your suggestions for clothing.
Hand signed by the artist.
One knit blanket to fit the doll and
 a stuffed plush toy animal, will also be included, or an accessory like a baby bottle or pacifier. Other accessories may be ordered at additional cost to the inquiring parents.
50% of the final cost is to be sent with the contract as a down payment,
and the other 50% is to be paid before shipment of your original signed portrait doll and after final approval by of the sculpted doll. Artist will email you photos of the sculpt for your approval. 
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