Miracle Baby DollsTM Features;
*Each Preemie doll and newborn baby doll is poseable.
*Full body resin now available, cloth body versions coming soon.
*Outfits are custom made.
*Each doll is hand-painted and hand-cast in collector-quality resin. Each is unique, custome made and a work of art done from our heart.
* Available in pink, tan or brown skin tone. 
 Brown and tan take extra time, and will cost a little more.
Life size, Realistic, Medically Accurate Preemie dolls 
31,32,35,36 weeks gestation 
New born and infant dolls coming soon.
Newborn and infant dolls
36 weeks gestation,to full-term and beyond coming soon.
The Artist will be accepting commissions for sculpting portrait dolls.
She is looking to sculpt the following gestational ages this year:
 30 weeks gestation, 31 weeks gestation, 33weeks gestation, 34 weeks gestation, 35 weeks gestation, 37,38,39,40 weeks gestation and newborns and infants 6 months and under.

Start to finish it takes the artist at least one year to make an original resin doll. The dolls shown on this site are for sale as their molds are already made and resin castings are made by the artist for sale to doll collectors! 
Silicone dolls may also now be ordered. 

Check the parent contract for details if you are interested in having a portrait made of your miracle baby.

This page was last updated on: November 5, 2015
 Artist Original,
Hand cast in collector quality resin.  
Silicone baby dolls coming soon.
All images and text on this site are copyright protected
 all rights reserved. 

The artist does not give permission to use any of these images for any reason without her written permission and acknowledgment.
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Carissa born @ 36 weeks gestation
Miracle Baby Dolls TM are:
Life size portrait dolls, Preemie Dolls, NewBorn baby dolls,
Micro-Preemie dolls, Original Art Dolls, Baby Dolls, 
Infant dolls, Comfort dolls, Memorial dolls, Fetal Models, 
Embryo Models, Medical Models, 
Medically accurate replicas of real babies, sculpted by one award winning artist, custom ordered and hand cast in collector quality resin, from the artist own silicone molds. Parent and physician approved. 

Hank Born @25 weeks gestation
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Miracle Baby Dolls TM
Box 4069 
Elmira, NY 14904
Kellie born @ 23 weeks gestation
Micropreemie Miracle Baby doll!
Shown in NICU outfit.
Philip born @ 26 weeks gestation
Alexis born @ 27
 weeks gestation
Jocelyn @ 31 weeks gestation original sculpt coming soon to resin sculpt is approved!

John born @ 32 weeks gestation
Calvin born @ 32 weeks gestation
Jacob and Audrey born @ 24 weeks gestation
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More babies added soon.
Artist is looking for real Miracle babies born alive at the ages not shown on this site. If you are interested in having a portrait doll made in the image of your miracle baby please read the parent contract and contact the artist. There is a fee for this service.
Laura born @ 29 weeks gestation
Katie born @ 29 weeks gestation
Searah @32 weeks gestation
Spencer born @ 35 weeks gestation. Miracle preemie baby born with Downs Syndrome, coming soon to resin, sculpt is approved!
Laurie 36 weeks gestation
Jocelyn at 40 weeks gestation-full term newborn baby size. Computer image in background of real child model. This model is approved and will be in resin soon!
Artist is seeking a living miracle baby 
model for the 30 weeks size baby.
Please read parent contract for details and contact artist for details.
Danielle @ 28 weeks coming to resin soon sculpt is approved!.
Danielle's feet
Danielle @28 weeks coming to resin soon
Artist is seeking living miracle baby models for 30 weeks,33,34,35,37,38,39,40 weeks gestation. Please read parent contract and contact artist for more details if interested.
Laura born @ 29 weeks gestation shown in pink and white sleeper.
Hope of God and Will of God
24 weeks gestation
Mitchell born at 40 weeks gestation
Full term new born coming soon to silicone. 
Hank born @ 25 weeks gestation
Philip in White Christening suits
Philip in hand knit blue sweater set. 
Josh born at 26 weeks gestation