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The artist is accepting commisions to sculpt portrait dolls of living miracle babies this year.

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Other accessories available on request, if you would like something else for you doll please tell us and we will see if we can find one for you. If you see it on this site it is available for purchase, if it is in stock. Some items are seasonal.

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Original home studio, artist preemie and infant portrait resin dolls
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All dolls are made in the artist home studio, they are made by me exclusively, and are not sold by anyone else. Expect 6-8 weeks delivery.
This is a home business, the artist is a full time art teacher in a public school and has 4 school aged children. Friends and family help make the accessories, in their free time. All orders are custome made, expect 6-8 weeks if the order is in stock. More if it is not in stock.
We will inform you at the time of your order if it is in stock. Most items are only one or two in stock at a time.
There is an extra charge for rush orders. 
Resin is sensitive to moisture and if it is raining in New York State the artist cannot pour resin as it bubbles and ruins the casting, so if it is the rainy season, your order may take longer than 6-8 weeks to process.
These artist quality portrait dolls are made of collector quality resin.
Resin is a hard plastic, it looks like porcelain but is not as fragile. Dolls are weighted and measurements are accurate for a normal baby the size of each gestation. Each doll is an accurate portrait replica model of a real baby, whose measurements are from the actual baby they represent.

Parents send in photos of their baby for a portrait doll. To make a portrait doll from start to finish takes this artist about a year. These parents have given the artist the rights to sell resin casted dolls to help other parents remember their little ones. 
When you order a resin doll it is a life size casting from the artist original molds of her original sculpts for each child's parents.The artist goal is to sculpt all 40 weeks to show the world the beauty of Gods Little Ones from conception.
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1.In the box below please type what gestation size doll you want.

2.What color of resin, Pink, tan or brown.(tan or brown are $10.00 extra per doll, these colors are not kept in stock and are tricky to make work, add an additional 6-8 weeks more to the time to make  brown or tan models.)

3.What sex you want the model, boy or girl. or no preference.

4.Dressed model or naked model. Dressed in white, blue or pink Neonatal Intensive Care Unit style outfit or a fancy outfit. 
We also sell hand crochet sweaters, blankets and hats and booties. 

5.List any accessories
Check the accessories page for a list. Other accessories available. If you don't see what you want as an accessory, just ask we will see what we can do for you.

6. Include the prices for each item and any questions you have. 

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I am a doll collector
I am a parent of a miracle baby.
I am interested in having a portrait doll made of my child. Please give me details for this.
I am ordering this doll for a toy for a child. These dolls are not recommended for children under 5 years of age as they contain small parts. Resin is breakable like any hard plastic.
I am ordering this doll to resell.
I am ordering this doll as a gift.
I lost a child this age and want the doll as a memorial to show how beautiful my baby was.
I am a childbirth educator and want this doll for an educational model.
I am a grief therapist and will use this doll to help my clients.